The Reading 4 A Reason Program was created in 2014 to enhance the local youth reading proficiency, by encouraging children to read outside of school and homework. 

How it Works:

Every month a student gets a new reading log. The log which is supplied by Brown's Hometown Victory Foundation will be passed out by the teachers to the class. This log with be filled out and completed by the parents.  A due date will be on the bottom of each log. The logs must then be turned into the teacher and then to the office by that day. The Foundation will log each individual student's information as well as a classroom as a whole, then report back to the school on a date and time selected by the school to reward the children. There will be incentives for students who reach certain levels. 

This program, which is free, allows families from all walks of life to participate without demographic or social barriers.


Key 2 Mathematics was created in 2017 to enhance local youth math proficiency, by encouraging the children to work outside of school on their math skills.

 Our Goal: We are inspired by the success of our local students. In this program we expect each student participating to log 15 minutes playing mathematics games online each day. As the student progresses throughout the month, incentives will be rewarded based on the days they complete. The incentives increase in value, encouraging continuous commitment to success. We want to promote education at home by encouraging this daily practice for math, an essential skill in today's society


Community Canvas was created in 2016 as fun way to explore and enjoy the arts all the while raising money for local charities. $25 - $35 Per Painter is collected and at minimum $10-$15 from the registration fee (based on participants registered) is donated to the charity chosen that quarter.

Painters are able to personalize the panting with the colors of their choice.

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Get Up and Move was created in 2018 as a way to increase free play.It is a program that focuses on independent/free play, free from parents and electronics. By continuing to put importance on "free play," we hope to build upon the youth's ability to solve problems, control emotions, play with others, develop empathy, and take control of their own lives. So they grow up to be not just successful adults but happy ones at that.

Goal: To encourage free play in an effort to expand and improve the imagination and independence. 

Students are to play outside or at Total Fitness Rec Center, parent and electronic free for 30 minutes. Only after completion of play time should the  parent sign off for that particular date. Total Fitness members can sign the logs in addition to parents after completion of play. 


Children in the program will get free entry into the Rec Center during the course of the program when they bring their log.